WPMinistry Podcast Coming Soon

In addition to the rebranding from Salty Impact to WPMinistry, a new podcast will be launching soon (February 28, 2019)! This podcast will focus on using the WordPress platform for church and ministry-related websites. My plan is to include interviews, tips and tricks, questions and answers, and advice about pertinent products and services as time goes by (not all of these elements on every podcast!).

My plan at this point is for the WPMinistry podcast to be a weekly podcast, released each Thursday.

How can I be a part of the WPMinistry podcast journey?

So, how can you be a part of this podcast journey?

  • Once the podcast comes out, you can subscribe to it on your favorite podcast platform and the episodes will be added for you as they become available.
  • You will also soon be able to sign up for new podcast notification emails so that you can receive an email each time a new podcast episode is released.
  • Soon you will also be able to submit questions related to WordPress and church/ministry websites here on this website that may be featured on the podcast.
  • You can support WPMinistry (basically help Brent pay the bills and support his family) by checking out and purchasing website related products and services that Brent is an affiliate for.
  • Once the podcast is out, you can leave a review/rating for it on your favourite podcast platform.

So join me on this journey! And together, may we help to build up the Kingdom as we help our churches and ministries to have an effective online presence!

Leave a Question or Comment for the Podcast

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* By submitting an audio recording, you give permission for that recording to be used on the WPMinistry podcast and other WPMinistry media.