What Is a Responsive Website?

Responsive Website Design

A responsive website is one that transforms it’s formatting so that it is optimized for various screen sizes. Don’t let your church or ministry website present a stumbling block for Kingdom seekers. The website should be responsive!

WPMinistry Podcast Coming Soon

WPMinistry Podcast

In addition to the rebranding from Salty Impact to WPMinistry, a new podcast will be launching soon (February 28, 2019)! This podcast will focus on using the WordPress platform for church and ministry-related websites. My plan is to include interviews, tips and tricks, questions and answers, and advice about pertinent products and services as time …

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Three Church Email Newsletter Practices To Stop Immediately

newsletter and smartphone image

Does your church send out an email newsletter? Maybe it is a weekly newsletter or a monthly newsletter. An e-newsletter can be a great way to communicate reports of the things that have been happening at your church, as well as to announce upcoming events and opportunities. It can also be a great place for …

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12 Elements Every Church Website Should Have

Website Design Image

A church website doesn’t have to be crazy complex and large. But there are some key elements that every church website should have. In this blog post, I am going to list twelve essential elements for every church website and give a brief explanation of each. Watch for posts going more in-depth on some of …

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Choosing A Web Hosting Company for a Church Website


A church or ministry needs to have an online presence! There are many ways to be online – social media accounts, forums, listing in online directories, to name a few. But I believe that it is crucial for a church or ministry to have its’ own online “home” – a domain name and website. Of …

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